Another Seven Days

by Hank Decken

Released 2002
Released 2002
An introspective set of songs in a rootsy, Americana format.
Singer/songwriter Hank Decken has spent most of his life playing music. After spending his early years playing is various bands in New Jersey and New England, Decken took the reins in Rosie, playing more than 300 dates a year. Rosie evolved into Nevada Beach, a hard-hitting rock band that released two albums on the Warner Brothers subsidiary, Metal Blade. Nevada Beach's second release, Zero Day, garnered the Headbanger's Ball favorite "Waiting For An Angel".

This second solo release "Another Seven Days" finds Hank playing under his own name, surrounded by friends and family in The Hardline: Mark Edgerly, Geoff Safford, Travis Barton, and Scott Shuster.

Along with The Hardline, Hank invited close friends to make special guest performances. Special thanks to drummer Jonathan Mover, who came up from the big city to contribute a great deal to the rhythm of the tracks. With thanks always to Rob Gourlay, Jody Gourlay, Andy Happel, Sean Daniels and Wayne Brewer.

His prolific double CD efforts combine reflections of the past with the philosophy and sometimes sardonic perspective of lessons learned.